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Avoid scam while using online dating services

Online dating provides numerous opportunities for finding your date or establishing long-lasting relationships. While bringing you lots of advantages and making your life richer, online dating sites attract a lot of attention from professional scammers and those who want to take advantage of you.

Our safety team makes their best to minimize the risk of hacking, stealing sensitive information, or in any other way invading your privacy.

We use the most recent antivirus software which is designed to detect malware before it gets to our system and can damage it. All women’s profiles registered at our system come through the careful authenticity check; verification of the women identity is mandatory.

We recommend you to follow these simple anti-scam guidelines to keep your activity safe and pleasurable. Your safety is our priority!

How do scammers profiles look?

You can recognize scammers profiles by one of the following:

Unrealistic details in the profile

If you see the inconsistency in the profile of a girl, for example, unrealistic age, or when the photo doesn’t match her description, this is probably a scammer.

Affection showering

If she is bombarding you with messages at the early stages of communicating with her without any particular reason, this is also a tell-tale sign of a scammer.

Characteristic requests

If a woman in our database is requesting you to send her money or to buy her a ticket so she can travel to the country you are living in, this is also one of typical dating scams.

Information exaction

We make sure all our customers have their privacy intact. If a girl you are interested in asking you a lot of personal details, like your full name, your address, your email, and, especially, the details of your bank account, this is a good sign of a scammer.

Make sure to contact our safety team if you will see any of the above happens to you.

Tips to avoid scam on our online dating site:

Make sure to follow these simple tips on how to avoid a professional scammer:
1. Always thoroughly check a woman’s profile before communicating to her. Make a screenshot and save a copy of her profile to your computer. Search her picture via Google images search tool.
2. Never disclose any of your personal information to her.
3. Always be aware if anyone is asking you for money at our dating site.
4. Finally, always report any suspicious activity to our professional safety team. We are with you 24/7 and are always ready to assist you with any questions.