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Russian women – who are you?

An international dating is a serious decision. Every nation has own specific fetures of character imprinted in a mentality since the very childhood. And being married, people sometimes can't understand each other and then become disappointed. But the problem is usually in cultural and mental differences. Of course, Russian women are different, and a lot depends of their education, experience, psychological features but some common typical features exist in any of them. What are these features?

Natural aspiration for beauty. It ususally is expressed not only in creating some handmade things, but in a deep wish, reaching a level of «musthave», of being beatuful herself. Since childhood Russian moms teach girls how necessary to behave, to be elegant, how to combine colours and styles in clothes and how to use makeup. That doesn't mean that all women are busy only with the hunt for men. No, beautiful Russian women only realise their vision of worth. The same – at home Russians like cosiness. None Russian women will tolerate a chaos, dirt and uncomfortable conditions. Even in a small house or room she tries to organize a cozy nest in a borders of her skills, visions and financial possibilities.

Russian women are sociable. As a rule, they have a lot of friends and relatives and are ready to chat with them very often, tiing up the phones and social nets in a course of hours. Also, they like to organize different celebrations and invite friends to home for a cup of coffee. That's why a lot of Russian wives feel themselves uncomfortable living in a countries, where friendly communications between people are minimised.

They have a strong character. Not all, of course, but most of them can mobilize all their emotions, brain resources in a crisis and do all possible and, sometimes, impossible to help members of their family. If you loose a job, have problems with health or other troubles – tell her. She'll never say: «It's your problem», she knows that any problem of every family member is common and must be solved and it's a meanness to run away from troubles.

In Russian society it's shameful for woman if she can't cook and create a cozy atmosphere at home. Also, a lot of differences of mentalities exist, which can be a surprise for both. And one of the most important things for relationship is to speak with each other, ask if something looks strange, and try to understand each other. In the whole, Russian woman dating is very popular among men from other countries.