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What women want in a relationship

This question is researched during ages by poets, novel writers, scientists and usual men. Nevertheless – it has various answers.

Let's consider, what Slavonic women wait in a relationship.

One of a basic features of a relationship is a sincerety. Not every pare reaches it, but it is necessary for stability. It's impossible to believe each other if some important parts of life or person are hidden. You can tell to your Russian or Ukrainian woman your problems, doubts, ideas – and she can give you a wise advice, she will compassion and really help. Russians know that problems necessary to solve together. As said in proverb: «If all the world will be against him, I shall stand near and give him cartridges»

Love. Every Russian woman beginning a relationships waits for love. May be not for sparkling passions but for real love which is much deeper feeling, based on the friendship, belief to each other and mutual understanding.

Soft. Russian women are ready to gift it and wait the same. Agression and bald rudeness – are the best way to destroy thin bridges between souls. Other side – a lot of syrop, especially if it’s false – is not the way for stability. Any person tires to wear mask all the time and becomes irritate to partner who occasionaly is a cause of this mask. So, it's possible to drive ownself in psychological trap and break a relationship.

Attention. Russian brides and Ukrainian women are less selfish than European and psychologically more depends of their husbands. Of course she can spent her leisure alone and do anything else without you. But much better when couples have common interests or other common points. As says old Russian proverb – «Real couples look not at each other, but to one side».

Remember always about difference in mentality – in Russia and Ukraine feminism does not exist at all. It does not mean that Slavonic woman fully depends of men. No, they decide themselves a lot and have equal rights but they don't struggle for the full equality and mire rights than men have. So, Ukraine women even been in anger – do it sincerely. And they remember that man is their defender and feeder. If you have a good relationship in your family – Ukraine woman will do anything for happiness and comfortable life in it.

So, if you are looking for the serious relationship and need a real soul mate – use the international dating sites and pay special attention to Slavonic women.